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Item #278- Church Website Template

PRICE: $64

This web template design includes the following:

» Both Pure CSS/Tabless and Tables-based template versions.

• Includes an editable javascript homepage slideshow

• Includes a customizable, dynamic photo gallery

• Includes optional, editable, single-level javascript drop-down menu

FULL WEBSITE INCLUDING 19 PAGES: home, about us, ministries, our staff, events calendar, find us: map and directions, contact us, our beliefs, children's ministry, seniors' ministry, youth ministry, young adults' ministry, small groups ministry, newcomers info, (editable) community photo gallery, audio messages, missions, resources, and sitemap
» Completely editable (and optional) drop-down menu (template comes with versions including drop-down menu, as well as standard, non-drop-down navigation format)
» Fully editable 3 homepage script graphics
» 13 professional main banner images for homepage, interior page, and slideshow use (as well as additional high quality images, 39 in all)
» HTML images & individually sliced (PSD) file(s) are included for easy customization
» Custom CSS file
» Pages designed to stretch automatically for additional content
» Easily add or delete pages as necessary
» Easy to use, easy to edit photo gallery (add as many or as few photos as you like)
» All featured fonts used in design come with your purchase.
» Basic instructions file (including instructions for editing slideshow and photo gallery)
» Follow-up as necessary
» New wider template feature (956px fixed-center)
designed to display well in a wide variety of computer screens and screen resolutions

Adobe Photoshop 7+, or programs that will open PSD files; Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, or Adobe GoLive

To edit/modify parts of this template you should be familiar with cascading style sheets.

To edit/modify parts of this template you should be comfortable with using cascading style sheets.

Church Website Template Description:
Often church websites aim to make an impression with bold colors and contrasts. This new church template design from WTG goes the other direction; it makes an impression with sleek graphics and subtle color contrasts. The overall effect is clean, professional, and easy on the eyes. This particular church website template layout is also ideal for a wide variety of churches - including congregations with diverse age groups.

This full church website design also includes several unique bonus features. The first of these features is an easily editable javascript drop-down menu. This feature is optional - and this church template comes with versions including the drop-down, as well as without. The second of these bonus Christian church template features is a homepage, javascript slideshow. This is also very easy to edit. The third feature is an interior page, javascript photo gallery. And again, this is easy to edit - adding or deleting your own photos as you see fit. When users scoll over the small thumbnails, a larger version automatically appears in the large frame above.

This church website template layout comes with 19 pre-developed, web-ready pages. All you need to do is copy and paste in your own text content and photos over the existing content. And, of course, if you need to add or delete pages, as with all of the church website design templates offered at WTG, that's very easy to do. You can make the end church website as large (or as small) as your particular Christian community's needs dictate.

If you're getting prepared to launch a new church website, why not make it something truly impacting? Church website template #278 from the Gallery creative team lets you do just that. And with understanded graphics and colors, this church template makes just the right impression - offering a soothing, inspiring, easy to navigate experience for your end-users.

Church template home layout.


About Us page.

Church ministries page.

Photo Gallery.

Our Staff page.

Events Calendar.

Audio/Video Files.

Children's Ministry. Youth Ministry layout.
Seniors. Life Groups.
Missions. Young Adults Ministry.
Newcomers. Contact Us.
Our Beliefs. Resources.
Sitemap. Find Us.