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Item #133 - Charity Website Template

PRICE: $64

This web template design includes the following:

Includes javascript slideshow for homepage
Includes a multi-level drop down menu.
• Comes with 21 main pages: home, about us, children international, contacts, donate, adopt, early child development, education, food bank, workers, mission, events calendar, health & sanitation, news, nutrition, orphans in africa, programs, projects, sponsor, resources, prevent child abuse, volunteer, & weblinks.
• Comes with PHP AND HTML versions. Each version also includes both (tableless) and tables-based layout (easy to change main banner images on each page).
• The PHP version includes: include files for dropmenu nav bar, footer, left column projects page, left column about us page, and left column resources page, left column programs. Please Note: Linux server and PHP 5x is required for use of PHP version. The PHP version also includes a php secure contact form.
• Fonts used in design
• HTML & Photoshop (PSD) file(s)
• Ready to use sliced images
• 940px fixed center width
• Matching background images
• Custom icons & buttons
• Special follow-up as necessary
• Easy to follow instructions sheet
• Google Calendar PDF instructions.
• Custom CSS file

Adobe Photoshop 7+, or programs that will open PSD files; Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, or Adobe GoLive

To edit/modify parts of this template you should be familiar with cascading style sheets.

To edit/modify parts of this template you should be comfortable with using cascading style sheets.

Charity Website Template Description:
For a charity website to be really effective the ideal is for it to incorporate both an eye-catching design scheme, and an intuitive, easy to use structure. This new non-profit organization charity template from WTG offers both of these features. And not only is the colorful design scheme immediately noticable, but this charity template also offers a homepage, javascript slideshow designed to show images of the peope and places the charitable organization is trying to help.

This new charity website design also features an easily customizable main navigation drop-down menu. You can use this to easily group all of your web pages in a straightforward, easy to locate manner. This non-profit organization template comes with 21 preformatted, linked web pages. But you can add (or delete, if need be) as many of these pages as necessary. Need to rename a page or link? That's also easily done. And that's a real bonus with this charity template: not only does it offer professional design elements and common-sense layout, but its also designed to be easy for you to customize to the needs of your particular charitable organization.

Charitable organization website.

Charity template drop-down menu functionality.

Charity projects page.

Contact form.

Events calendar.

Our Mission. Early Childhood Development.
Make a Donation. Mission.
Nutrition. Become a Sponsor.
Programs. Resources.